Welcome To Premier Energy Network

Premier Energy is a part of maxima energy and telecom supply services to home and businesses across the UK with energy, phone and broadband.We know that home is the most important place in the world. So we’re dedicated to making sure every home works brilliantly.

Premier Business Energy Supply

We provide gas and electricity for businesses big and small across the UK, currently supplying around 500,000 metering points. We offer a wide range of fixed-price and flexible energy plans, and all our fixed contracts include 100% renewable electricity as standard.

We’re different because all our renewable electricity is sourced from SUK wind and hydro assets. And we’re building more for net zero: we plan to increase our renewable electricity output fivefold to 50TWh by 2030 – enough to supply more than half of all current UK industry.

Our infrastructure and digital services experts are delivering solutions that bring together the diverse needs of all stakeholders into a single unified outcome to maximise both short- and long-term benefits.

Full Fibre Premier Broadband

Get internet that’s ready for anything with Full Fibre broadband

Also known as Fibre To The Premises (FTTP), Full Fibre broadband means fibre optic cables run right to your home. It’s much faster than standard fibre broadband. In fact with Full Fibre 900, you can get an average download speed of 900Mbps – over 25x faster than Unlimited Fibre broadband. All our Full Fibre packages allow more people in your home to be online at the same time.

Real care

Customer service that always looks out for you

Our people are the kind of people you would love to have as neighbours. We treat you and your home with warmth, compassion and care. That’s why we go above and beyond – especially for anyone who needs a little extra help.

We partner with Language Line, to make sure we’re speaking your language.We work with organisations like Dementia Friends, use a Sign Video Service, and adapted formats such as braille. and, if the best-laid plans go wrong, we’ll help you make things right with expert debt help.

Real peace of mind

Rock-solid products and services that won’t let you down

Good enough is not enough. This means our energy tariffs will never include hidden costs. Our phone and broadband products come with 60-day happiness guarantees and no price hikes.

Real value

Millions of you trust us to give you more for your money

We’re here to make home better – and that means unforgettable value that goes beyond contracts and price. We’ll always help find the right deal for you.

For example, electric vehicle owners can get 8,000 free miles, or we can help you be more energy-efficient with a Smart Thermostat.

Our packages for premier customers can make home and business services cheaper.

Our strategy is to lead the transition to a net zero future through the world-class development.

construction and operation of renewable power assets and we’re building more offshore wind energy than any other company in the world.


Premier Energy Network  vision is to be a leading energy provider in a low-carbon world. To achieve this, its strategy is to create value for shareholders and society from developing, owning and operating energy and related infrastructure and services in a sustainable way.


We believe investment in new low carbon energy will provide a vital economic boost, creating skilled, sustainable jobs in all UK and Ireland regions to support a just transition, improving air quality.

Harvest the wind, water & sun for your energy needs

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